[Leaked] Jailbreak iOS 6.1.4 Untethered For iPhone 5 Available Now!

Today, Apple released a new firmware update (6.1.4) exclusive to the iPhone 5. The new firmware appears to be identical to the pervious version (6.1.3) except for a change labeled ”Updated audio profile for speakerphone”. Yet again the previous evasi0n jailbreak will not work and nothing has changed in the jailbreaking scene.

To jailbreak iOS 6.1.4 untethered follow this post:

1. Download the Evasi0n software (below), and open it on your computer. You should see this screen:

2. Connect your device (Evasi0n should recognize it automatically). Evasi0n will warn you about any open applications that

3. Click “Jailbreak” and let the process begin.

4. Partway through, Evasi0n will notify you to tap a new icon on your device. Unlock the screen and find the new application called “Jailbreak”. Tap that and your jailbreak will continue.

5. Wait for evasion to finish, and your device will reboot, showing the evasi0n logo and varios status messages.

6. When your device reboots, Cydia will be installed and your device will be jailbroken!

Thats it! As with all untethered jailbreaks, there is no danger of rebooting your device, so there is no final step to boot tethered!